Default Resources

68 INTEL cluster nodes : node001... node068 (each 40 cores, 6GB memory/core, 252G/node available for SGE)

1 BIGMEM memory node : 64 cores & 1TB of memory

1 SMP node : 240 cores & 3TB of memory

/home/user: 100MB available to store your configuration files.
/work/user: 1TB available as working directory. You have read/write access from any cluster node. Files are automaticly deleted if they have not been accessed within the last 120 days (to know them: find repertoire/ -atime +120).
/save/user: 250GB available for data you want to save with 30 retention days. You have read only access on this directory from any cluster nodes.

If you need more space in /work or in /save you are invited to fill the resources request form.

/usr/local/bioinfo/src/: directory gathering all bioinformatic software (see Software FAQ)
/bank: biological banks in different format (see Databanks FAQ)

Academic account quota: 100 000 h/per calendar year
Beyond these 100,000 hours, you will need to submit a science project (by the resources request form) to estimate the real needs of the bioinformatics environment.

According to results from this evaluation, but also their geographical and institutional origin, users can then either continue their treatments or be invited to contribute financially to infrastructure, or be redirected to regional or national mésocentres calculation.

Non-academic account quota:  500 h/per calendar year for testing the infrastructure.
Overtime calculation will be charged (price on request).

To know your quota, use the command:
qquota_cpu login

Without any parameters, on any queue, all jobs are limited to:

  • mem=1GB (memory)
  • h_vmem=8GB (memory)
  • 1 CPU (slot)

It depends on our genotoul linux group (contributeurs, INRA and/or REGION, others).

Max slotsworkq

It depends on our genotoul linux group (contributeurs, INRA and/or REGION, others).


Max mem in Gworkq

To show all rules :

qconf -srqs

To show a specific rule (example) :

qconf -srqs max_slots_peruser_unlimitq
name max_slots_peruser_unlimitq
description Max slots per user for jobs submitted to unlimitq
enabled TRUE
limit users {*} queues unlimitq to slots=64