Data storage

If you have used the disk space provided with your user account (1TB of work space, 250GB of saved space) you can ask for additional one. We ask for a contribution towards the cost of accommodation and the costs associated with using the service.

The minimum billable storage unit is the TB for at least 1 year with a minimum billing of 450€ excl tax.

For a private position, 1TB of work disk space is provided only for 1 month (for testing)

To request extra storage, please fill the resources request form.

 1 year2 years3 years
INRAE150 € excl tax / TB300 € excl tax / TB450 € excl tax / TB
Academic from Occitanie165 € excl tax / TB330 € excl tax / TB495 € excl tax / TB
Academic outside Occitanie275 € excl tax / TB550 € excl tax / TB825 € excl tax / TB
Private550 € excl tax / TB1100 € excl tax / TB1650 € excl tax / TB

Backup  (data replication)

The minimum billing conditions are the same as for storage. The total amount of disk space to consider is twice the storage size wanted as the backup corresponds to a replication on a remote site.

Virtual machine

The price of hosting virtual machines is calculated annually according to the category of user (INRAE / Occitanie, academic from Occitanie or outside Occitanie, private). The characteristics of the virtual machines will be adapted according to the needs (on a basis of 2vCPU, 4GB of RAM, 50GB of disks corresponding to the following prices). The minimum billing is 480€ excl tax. To request virtual machine hosting, please fill the resources request form.

 1 year2 year3 year
INRAE160 € excl tax320 € excl tax480 € excl tax
Academic from Occitanie176 € excl tax352 € excl tax528 € excl tax
Academic outside Occitanie295 € excl tax590 € excl tax885 € excl tax
Private580 € excl tax1160 € excl tax1740 € excl tax

High-performance cluster computing (only for private companies)

Free for academic users.

A quota of 500 computing hours is freely offered to test computing resources and the provided environment. Additional computing hours are billed 0.10€ excl tax with a minimum billing of 450€ excl tax (to consume in the year). To request extra computing time, please fill the resources request form.