User Access

  • Genobioinfo cluster (2022)

To connect to Genobioinfo cluster, frontals servers's hostname is:


  • OLD Genologin cluster (2017)

To connect to Genologin cluster, frontals servers's hostname is:

All systems implementing SSH can be used to connect yourself to front-end servers (Windows, Linux, MacOS).

You access the platform via a command line SSH connection (MobaXterm or putty for Windows).
To access via SSH, you must have a user account.

To request a user account please complete the following form: Ask for an account

Download and install the portable edition at this url:

Launch MobaXterm and select "New session":

Indicate the hostname ( ) and username:

You can see that X11 forwarding is activated by default (enabling opening of graphic windows).

Once the session is activated, you get a tab with the active session:


You can start a new session by clicking on the session on the right.

For more help, see documentation:

Download Xming and Putty. Only the Xming installation requires administrator rights..Launch Xming by double-clicking on the icone. Launch putty by double-clicking on the icone. Once started, fill in the Host Name by

Then configure the X11 forwarding in Connection> SSH> X11 as show


You can save the configuration using the save button

Once the configuration is complete, click Open to start a session


Enter your unix login and password (use this page to ask for an account) You are now in your Unix environment. For more information about the configuration of putty refer to the online documentation .

From your Windows desktop to the server Unix ( or for new cluster) with MobaXterm:

You will be able to transfer files directly in MobaXterm with the SFTP tab on the left.

The upload and download buttons will allow you to exchange files. Drag and drop also works.



From your Windows desktop to the server Unix ( or for new cluster):

Transfer your files using a secure program such as WinSCP or Filezilla.
With Filezilla you have to set the transfer port to 22.

Enter the host address, login and password and connection type: SCP

  • Frame 1 corresponds to the directory tree on your local desktop.
  • Frame 2 corresponds to your directory tree on cluster.

To transfer files drag them from one frame to the other.


From your Linux terminal to the server Unix (

Use the scp command.
For example to transfer a file to genotoul:
scp file

To subscribe to the list

  • Add your mail address here .

You can see your account information on our SelfService.

You can change your password:

  • by the web SelfService ("Forgot password?")
  • in terminal, by the Unix command: passwd
The DMP of GenoToul Bioinfo facility is findable here : Data management plan