GenoToul bioinformatics Home

The GenoToul bioinformatics facility is part of the Genotoul GIS. It is a team of the INRAE MIAT unit, part of the MathNum department. It has been set up in 2000. Since 2009, it is one of the 13 IBISA bioinformatics platforms. Since 2008, the plateform collaborates with the local genomic platform and processes huge volumes of data produced by second and third generation of sequencers and makes them available to biologists (ng6).

  • A computer farm : about 5000 cores, 83 Tera Byte memory (4TB on a SMP machine), Infiniband interconnection (QDR/FDR), parallel file system (GPFS)
  • Web servers and virtual machines hosting infrastructure
  • More than 5.5 Peta Byte disk space

Use this link to create your user account. All questions about technical issues can be sent using one of the Ask for forms. The platform staff can help you to process your data or to develop specific databases or software packages. For any specific request please send a mail to anim.bioinfo-occitanie-toulouse(at)


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