Publications 2022

This list includes publications for which the GenoToul Bioinformatics facility has been used (hardware infrastructure / Funding / Staff members). All Sigenae’s publications have used the GenoToul Bioinformatics hardware infrastructure.

Allaoua, M.; Bonnafé, E.; Etienne, P.; Noirot, V.; Gabarrou, J.; Castinel, A.; Pascal, G.; Darbot, V.; Treilhou, M.; Combes, S. A Carvacrol‐based Product Reduces Campylobacter Jejuni Load and Alters Microbiota Composition in the Caeca of Chickens. J of Applied Microbiology 2022, 132 (6), 4501–4516.
Mishra, B.; Ulaszewski, B.; Meger, J.; Aury, J.-M.; Bodénès, C.; Lesur-Kupin, I.; Pfenninger, M.; Da Silva, C.; Gupta, D. K.; Guichoux, E.; Heer, K.; Lalanne, C.; Labadie, K.; Opgenoorth, L.; Ploch, S.; Le Provost, G.; Salse, J.; Scotti, I.; Wötzel, S.; Plomion, C.; Burczyk, J.; Thines, M. A Chromosome-Level Genome Assembly of the European Beech (Fagus Sylvatica) Reveals Anomalies for Organelle DNA Integration, Repeat Content and Distribution of SNPs. Front. Genet. 2022, 12, 691058.
Barret, M.; Gandois, L.; Thalasso, F.; Martinez Cruz, K.; Sepulveda Jauregui, A.; Lavergne, C.; Teisserenc, R.; Aguilar, P.; Gerardo Nieto, O.; Etchebehere, C.; Martins Dellagnezze, B.; Bovio Winkler, P.; Fochesatto, G. J.; Tananaev, N.; Svenning, M. M.; Seppey, C.; Tveit, A.; Chamy, R.; Astorga España, M. S.; Mansilla, A.; Van de Putte, A.; Sweetlove, M.; Murray, A. E.; Cabrol, L. A Combined Microbial and Biogeochemical Dataset from High-Latitude Ecosystems with Respect to Methane Cycle. Sci Data 2022, 9 (1), 674.
Urvois, T.; Perrier, C.; Roques, A.; Sauné, L.; Courtin, C.; Li, Y.; Johnson, A. J.; Hulcr, J.; Auger-Rozenberg, M.-A.; Kerdelhué, C. A First Inference of the Phylogeography of the Worldwide Invader Xylosandrus Compactus. J Pest Sci 2022, 95 (3), 1217–1231.
Demars, J.; Labrune, Y.; Iannuccelli, N.; Deshayes, A.; Leroux, S.; Gilbert, H.; Aymard, P.; Benitez, F.; Riquet, J. A Genome-Wide Epistatic Network Underlies the Molecular Architecture of Continuous Color Variation of Body Extremities. Genomics 2022, 114 (3), 110361.
Dunière, L.; Renaud, J. B.; Steele, M. A.; Achard, C. S.; Forano, E.; Chaucheyras-Durand, F. A Live Yeast Supplementation to Gestating Ewes Improves Bioactive Molecule Composition in Colostrum with No Impact on Its Bacterial Composition and Beneficially Affects Immune Status of the Offspring. J Nutr Sci 2022, 11, e5.
Beaumont, M.; Lencina, C.; Painteaux, L.; Viémon-Desplanque, J.; Phornlaphat, O.; Lambert, W.; Chalvon-Demersay, T. A Mix of Functional Amino Acids and Grape Polyphenols Promotes the Growth of Piglets, Modulates the Gut Microbiota in Vivo and Regulates Epithelial Homeostasis in Intestinal Organoids. Amino Acids 2022, 54 (10), 1357–1369.
Quilbé, J.; Nouwen, N.; Pervent, M.; Guyonnet, R.; Cullimore, J.; Gressent, F.; Araújo, N. H.; Gully, D.; Klopp, C.; Giraud, E.; Arrighi, J.-F. A Mutant-Based Analysis of the Establishment of Nod-Independent Symbiosis in the Legume Aeschynomene Evenia. Plant Physiology 2022, 190 (2), 1400–1417.
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Bouchiba, Y.; Esque, J.; Cottret, L.; Maréchaux, M.; Gaston, M.; Gasciolli, V.; Keller, J.; Nouwen, N.; Gully, D.; Arrighi, J.; Gough, C.; Lefebvre, B.; Barbe, S.; Bono, J. An Integrated Approach Reveals How Lipo‐chitooligosaccharides Interact with the Lysin Motif Receptor‐like Kinase MtLYR3. Protein Science 2022, 31 (6).
Mariette, J.; Blanchard, O.; Berné, O.; Aumont, O.; Carrey, J.; Ligozat, A.; Lellouch, E.; Roche, P.-E.; Guennebaud, G.; Thanwerdas, J.; Bardou, P.; Salin, G.; Maigne, E.; Servan, S.; Ben-Ari, T. An Open-Source Tool to Assess the Carbon Footprint of Research. Environ. Res.: Infrastruct. Sustain. 2022, 2 (3), 035008.
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Simon, M.; Durand, S.; Ricou, A.; Vrielynck, N.; Mayjonade, B.; Gouzy, J.; Boyer, R.; Roux, F.; Camilleri, C.; Budar, F. APOK3 , a Pollen Killer Antidote in Arabidopsis Thaliana. Genetics 2022, 221 (4), iyac089.
Orozco-Arias, S.; Candamil-Cortes, M. S.; Jaimes, P. A.; Valencia-Castrillon, E.; Tabares-Soto, R.; Isaza, G.; Guyot, R. Automatic Curation of LTR Retrotransposon Libraries from Plant Genomes through Machine Learning. Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics 2022, 19 (3), 20210036.
Koutsovoulos, G. D.; Granjeon Noriot, S.; Bailly-Bechet, M.; Danchin, E. G. J.; Rancurel, C. AvP: A Software Package for Automatic Phylogenetic Detection of Candidate Horizontal Gene Transfers. PLoS Comput Biol 2022, 18 (11), e1010686.
Battaglia-Brunet, F.; Naveau, A.; Cary, L.; Bueno, M.; Briais, J.; Charron, M.; Joulian, C.; Thouin, H. Biogeochemical Behaviour of Geogenic As in a Confined Aquifer of the Sologne Region, France. Chemosphere 2022, 304, 135252.
Pichot, C.; Djari, A.; Tran, J.; Verdenaud, M.; Marande, W.; Huneau, C.; Gautier, V.; Latrasse, D.; Arribat, S.; Sommard, V.; Troadec, C.; Poncet, C.; Bendahmane, M.; Szecsi, J.; Dogimont, C.; Salse, J.; Benhamed, M.; Zouine, M.; Boualem, A.; Bendahmane, A. Cantaloupe Melon Genome Reveals 3D Chromatin Features and Structural Relationship with the Ancestral Cucurbitaceae Karyotype. iScience 2022, 25 (1), 103696.
Courbin, V.; Riller, Q.; Amegnizin, J.-L.; Gricourt, G.; Demontant, V.; Fihman, V.; Angebault, C.; Mahevas, M.; Gaube, G.; Coutte, L.; Pawlotsky, J.-M.; Lepeule, R.; Rodriguez, C.; Woerther, P.-L. Case Report: Cerebral Nocardiosis Caused by Nocardia Cyriacigeorgica Detected by Metagenomics in an Apparently Immunocompetent Patient. Front. Immunol. 2022, 13, 719124.
Changey, F.; Nunan, N.; Herrmann, A. M.; Lerch, T. Z. Catching Change in Microbial Diversity Indicators under Different Soil Organic Matter Managements: Higher Taxonomic Resolution, Better Discrimination? Ecological Indicators 2022, 139, 108897.
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Wen, M.; Pan, Q.; Larson, W.; Eché, C.; Guiguen, Y. Characterization of the Sex Determining Region of Channel Catfish (Ictalurus Punctatus) and Development of a Sex-Genotyping Test. Gene 2023, 850, 146933.
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Lesturgie, P.; Planes, S.; Mona, S. Coalescence Times, Life History Traits and Conservation Concerns: An Example from Four Coastal Shark Species from the Indo‐Pacific. Molecular Ecology Resources 2022, 22 (2), 554–566.
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Orozco-Arias, S.; Candamil, M. S.; Jaimes, P. A.; Cristancho, M.; Tabares-Soto, R.; Guyot, R. Composition and Diversity of LTR Retrotransposons in the Coffee Leaf Rust Genome (Hemileia Vastatrix). Agronomy 2022, 12 (7), 1665.
Kalachova, T.; Jindřichová, B.; Burketová, L.; Monard, C.; Blouin, M.; Jacquiod, S.; Ruelland, E.; Puga-Freitas, R. Controlled Natural Selection of Soil Microbiome through Plant-Soil Feedback Confers Resistance to a Foliar Pathogen. Plant Soil 2022.
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