• On our Web site (Resources): Software
  • On genotoul server:

ls /usr/local/bioinfo/src|grep -i soft_name

  • Bioinfo software: /usr/local/bioinfo/src/
  • Others tools and libraries: /tools/libraries
  • Compilers: /tools/compilers

Software installation or update are performed by complete the following form: Software installation

Typically , documentation is provided by the soft in the installation folder and on the web site of the software (we give the link to the website of each software on the Software page).
When a software needs some special requirements to be used, you can find How_to_use and/or Readme file in the software installation directory.

Example with HiFive:

ls /usr/local/bioinfo/src/HiFive/
hifive HiFive_env How_to_use Install

Launch java onto the nodes:
java -Xmx4g

Choose a specific java version:
module load bioinfo/Java8 (for java 8)

To see available compiler:

module avail

Exemple to load a compiler:

module load compilers/gcc-4.9.1