Cluster (18/04/2023)

This training session is organized by the Genotoul bioinfo platform and aims at learning sequence analysis. This training session has been designed so you can deal with the platform resources and its organization. You will learn to deal with the platform compute cluster and data banks. You will launch your first processing batch on the cluster and will learn how to track and manage them.



This training is focused on the practice. It consists of 2 modules with a large variety of exercises:

  • The computing environment, the processing management (09:00 am to 12:30 am).
  • SLURM usage, launch of processing batches (14:00 pm to 17:00 pm).


The session will take place in the room ‘salle de formation MIAT’ at the INRA center of Toulouse-Auzeville, Building C8.


Prerequisites: ability to use a Linux environment (see Linux training). Training materials will be available on the website before the session. Slides in a “taking notes” format will be downloadable from our web site. A Unix reference command leaflet will also be provided. Only the latter will be available during the session.


Training slides:

  – slides one per page


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This event is fully booked.