Storage facilities

HPC TEMPORARY disk space (/work)

A specialized datastore for computational with GPFS (IBM) : 800TB

4 IO servers + 4 DELL bays MD3420

A total of 210 To useful (16 drives SSD 400 Go + 240 drives 1,2To SAS 10Ktpm)

Sequential writing bandwidth +12Go/s, 1,2M iops

NAS storage EMC-Isilon (/save)

2 clusters ISILON (capacitive range NL-OneFS)

Snapshots + réplication

A total of  650To of useful volume, 1024TB (including replication)

NAS storage Dell-Compellent (FluidFS)

2 clusters Dell Compellent

Snapshots + réplication

A total of 360TB (including replication)