Galaxy training


  The GenoToul bioinformatics platform, Sigenae, NED (GenPhySE), SaAB (MIAT) and TWB offers a catalog of training sessions. If you need bio-informatic training on tools which are not covered in the existing catalog please feel free to contact us (please add “Request for training” in the subject of your demand). For example we have supports for a training presenting, sequence alignment, tree construction to define subfamilies and patterns or profiles detection in sequences. To get all administrative information have a look at the pricing page. If you need administrative help please contact: Alain.Perault(at)


All training given by bioinformatics core facilities are available at Institut Français de Bionformatique (IFB) or can be referenced at SFBI – formation.

The training material are in English but the training will be delivered in French. Some courses are available on the Sigenae e-learning Platform (please connect with your genotoul LDAP login/password. If necessary, ask for a LDAP account here).

The Sigenae Bioinfo Genotoul Galaxy instance is available here : Galaxy instance (please connect with your genotoul LDAP login/password.).

Événement Date / Heure Organizers Vacancies Registration
RNAseq alignment and transcripts assemblies with Galaxy - S. Maman, C. Cabau - -
First step with galaxy - S. Maman, S. Rodriguez - -
Galaxy initiation, RNAseq, SARTools - - -
Reads alignment and small size variants calling with Galaxy - P. Bardou, S. Maman, S. Rodriguez - -
Metagenomic: amplicons and stats with FROGS 26/11/2018 - 29/11/2018
9 h 00 - 17 h 00
G. Pascal, L. Cauquil, M. Le Boulch 0 Register now