Using sed and AWK to modify large text files (24/03/2021)

This training session is organized by the Genotoul bioinfo platform and aims at learning to process large text file with sed and awk.

You would like to modify some characters in line 188765 of you file? You want to add a file header? You want remove every second line of your file? Sed is the tool you have to master. This versatile command enable to add, remove, insert, append elements to lines of a test file.

Once you will know how to deal with lines you will learn simple AWK command to process column of you files. Reordering, removing, summing, selecting column in a text file can be perfomed with AWK.

Both tools will simply your life and enable reproducible research by storing your command line in your README.txt file. The course includs short command presentations between long hands-on sessions in which you will be able to understand the general ideas as well as details.


The session will take place in the room ‘salle de formation’ at INRAE center of Toulouse-Auzeville.


Prerequisites: ability to use a Linux environment (see Linux training). Training materials will be available on the website before the session. Slides in a “taking notes” format will be downloadable from our web site. A Unix reference command leaflet will also be provided. Only the latter will be available during the session.

Bookings: Using sed and AWK to modify large text files

This event is fully booked.