Publications 2019

This list includes publications for which the GenoToul Bioinformatics facility has been used (hardware infrastructure / Funding / Staff members). All Sigenae’s publications have used the GenoToul Bioinformatics hardware infrastructure.

  1. Astrid Cruaud Sabine Nidelet Pierre Arnal Audrey Weber Lucian Fusu Alex Gumovsky John Huber Andrew Polaszek Jean‐Yves Rasplus; Optimised DNA extraction and library preparation for minute arthropods: application to target enrichment in chalcid wasps used for biocontrol; Molecular Ecology Resources; doi : 10.1111/1755-0998.13006. see
  2. Aude Lalis, Stefano Mona, Emmanuelle Stoetzel, François Bonhomme, Karim Souttou, Ali Ouarour, Stéphane Aulagnier, Christiane Denys & Violaine Nicolas; Out of Africa: demographic and colonization history of the Algerian mouse (Mus spretus Lataste); Heredity volume 122, pages 150–171; doi: 10.1038/s41437-018-0089-7. see