Publications 2020

This list includes publications for which the GenoToul Bioinformatics facility has been used (hardware infrastructure / Funding / Staff members). All Sigenae’s publications have used the GenoToul Bioinformatics hardware infrastructure.

  1. Milon, N.; Fuentes Rojas, J.-L.; Castinel, A.; Bigot, L.; Bouwmans, G.; Baudelle, K.; Boutonnet, A.; Gibert, A.; Bouchez, O.; Donnadieu, C.; et al. A Tunable Filter for High Molecular Weight DNA Selection and Linked-Read Sequencing. Lab Chip 2020, 20 (1), 175–184.
  2. Dardaillon, J.; Dauga, D.; Simion, P.; Faure, E.; Onuma, T. A.; DeBiasse, M. B.; Louis, A.; Nitta, K. R.; Naville, M.; Besnardeau, L.; et al. ANISEED 2019: 4D Exploration of Genetic Data for an Extended Range of Tunicates. Nucleic Acids Research 2019, gkz955.
  3. Macedo, F. L.; Reverter, A.; Legarra, A. Behavior of the Linear Regression Method to Estimate Bias and Accuracies with Correct and Incorrect Genetic Evaluation Models. Journal of Dairy Science 2020, 103 (1), 529–544.
  4. Feron, R.; Zahm, M.; Cabau, C.; Klopp, C.; Roques, C.; Bouchez, O.; Eché, C.; Valière, S.; Donnadieu, C.; Haffray, P.; et al. Characterization of a Y‐specific Duplication/Insertion of the Anti‐Mullerian Hormone Type II Receptor Gene Based on a Chromosome‐scale Genome Assembly of Yellow Perch, Perca Flavescens. Mol Ecol Resour 2020, 1755-0998.13133.
  5. Garcia-Baccino, C. A.; Lourenco, D. A. L.; Miller, S.; Cantet, R. J. C.; Vitezica, Z. G. Estimating Dominance Genetic Variances for Growth Traits in American Angus Males Using Genomic Models. Journal of Animal Science 2020, 98 (1), skz384.
  6. Takehana, Y.; Zahm, M.; Cabau, C.; Klopp, C.; Roques, C.; Bouchez, O.; Donnadieu, C.; Barrachina, C.; Journot, L.; Kawaguchi, M.; et al. Genome Sequence of the Euryhaline Javafish Medaka, Oryzias Javanicus : A Small Aquarium Fish Model for Studies on Adaptation To Salinity. G3 2020, g3.400725.2019.
  7. Graux, A.-I.; Resmond, R.; Casellas, E.; Delaby, L.; Faverdin, P.; Le Bas, C.; Ripoche, D.; Ruget, F.; Thérond, O.; Vertès, F.; et al. High-Resolution Assessment of French Grassland Dry Matter and Nitrogen Yields. European Journal of Agronomy 2020, 112, 125952.
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  9. Pan, B.-Y.; Liu, Y.-K.; Wu, H.-K.; Pang, X.-Q.; Wang, S.-G.; Tang, B.; Xu, C.-D. Role of Phosphoglucomutase in Regulating Trehalose Metabolism in Nilaparvata Lugens. 3 Biotech 2020, 10 (2), 61.
  10. Manzano-Marı́n, A.; Coeur d’acier, A.; Clamens, A.-L.; Orvain, C.; Cruaud, C.; Barbe, V.; Jousselin, E. Serial Horizontal Transfer of Vitamin-Biosynthetic Genes Enables the Establishment of New Nutritional Symbionts in Aphids’ Di-Symbiotic Systems. ISME J 2020, 14 (1), 259–273.
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  12. Capt, C.; Bouvet, K.; Guerra, D.; Robicheau, B. M.; Stewart, D. T.; Pante, E.; Breton, S. Unorthodox Features in Two Venerid Bivalves with Doubly Uniparental Inheritance of Mitochondria. Sci Rep 2020, 10 (1), 1087.
  13. Muranty, H.; Denancé, C.; Feugey, L.; Crépin, J.-L.; Barbier, Y.; Tartarini, S.; Ordidge, M.; Troggio, M.; Lateur, M.; Nybom, H.; et al. Using Whole-Genome SNP Data to Reconstruct a Large Multi-Generation Pedigree in Apple Germplasm. BMC Plant Biol 2020, 20 (1), 2.
  14. Ouali, A.; Allouche, D.; de Givry, S.; Loudni, S.; Lebbah, Y.; Loukil, L.; Boizumault, P. Variable Neighborhood Search for Graphical Model Energy Minimization. Artificial Intelligence 2020, 278, 103194.